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I had decided not to blog anymore.

From today onwards, i won't be blogging anymore..

So, this will be my last post.

For people who interested and wanna know how was my life for the past 2 years, you may take a look on it. Please forgive that there is such a stupid and immature of me.

9 May2009

Today, the ice-cream which look nice but taste bitter which i never had before....

It is hard for me to swallow the ice-cream... its taste sweetless...

I don't want to eat ice-cream again......

Sleepless for 1 day 1 night its feel like nothing....

starving and vomitting for 1 day also doesn't feel anything...

I feel NUMB.........

In my 20 years lifee, this is my first time that i burst into tears in the public...

And i don't care how people think of me and staring at me....

I think i look like clown...

Whatever la... it is no longer important to me...

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I don't know why I feel so sad and bad

I don't know why I cried

I don't know why I become sleepless all these nights

I just don't know why.......

*crying like a hamburger*

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Argh... damn tiring..

didn't sleep and rest for 2 days 1 night...

Don't know how much of my brain cells exhausted

since i had been thinking and calculating

and planning all the way

those figures & ideas were never disappear in my mind

every minutes and second...


Friday 1 May 2009

Today is public holiday. My usual plan is stay at home and do revision.

but at the end, my plan of today had changed...

I follow my aunt and her family went to banting. The purpose of them to go there is want to try the seafood there which recommend by 'ah xian'. When we reach there around 3.30pm, the restaurant was closed and the worker told us that hv to wait until 5pm. Then we got no other choice and force to wait until 5pm. For the one and half hour time, we went to Morib to hv a walk. The weather is so hot there and i really can't stand. I wonder why people able to play under the sun and take photo at such a place which I consider not really a nice view.

5pm: We reach the restaurant name "ri yue xin". I will never forget their customer services. Its like they trying to foolish us. Actually they will re-open at 6pm and not 5pm.. We leave the place with disappointment and went to other place to have our lunch + dinner.

At night, my aunt bring me to Haagen-Dazs. This is my first time i eat ice-cream at Haagen Dazs. Its really feel good for me.. Addicted to green tea and strawberry flavour of ice-cream.
The flavour of green tea ice-cream make me think of the taste of green tea at starbuck.. miss it so much.. *long for it*
Now, i need to save and couldn't spend on those luxury stuff.. kinda hard but i still need to try my best to overcome..

Reach home around 9.30pm... After putting down my stuff and changing clothes, rush out again.. its very bad that he make me wait for him about half an hour in dark and quiet night. Oh no, i sweat all the way and look so messy... *mb smelly also*

While waiting my fren, its so lucky and unbelievable that i meet him (the guy with black shirt and white pants) again at this kind of place (downstair of my apartment). He live in the same apartment with me that i never think of it. I feel so surprise that he still remember and recognise me... We have a short conversation and i take the chance to ask him those question that i wanna ask before.. kinda surprise of it....


SATURDAY 2 May 2009

*A light make up to brighten my dull face*

and going to dinner with my cousin family

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你沉默 我会担心

你伤心 我会哭泣

你假装若无其事 我会心疼



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WAVY HAIR with RED colour highlight

Before highlight

After highlight

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